Wendy’s Updates Gluten-free Menu Again (Updated 6/24/2014)

by Kimberly Bouldin on July 2nd, 2010


Back in February I wrote an article on Wendy's updated gluten-free menu.  I wrote the article mainly because they removed a lot of the salads that had previously been listed as gluten-free.  The menu has been updated again.  Fast food restaurants tend to change offerings based on the season, so I applaud Wendy's for keeping us informed.

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The current gluten-free menu for Wendy's can be viewed here.  The Baja Salad has been added to the gluten-free list.  This salad contains much of the same ingredients that the Southwest Taco Salad did or does.  While the gluten-free menu still lists the Southwest Taco Salad, the regular online menu does not.

Wendy's is always a good choice when traveling or on the run because they always have baked potatoes, chili and side salads available.  While this isn't your typical fast food meal, it is healthier and will sustain hunger for a decent period of time.

Wendy's has locations all over Columbus.  Please click here for the location nearest you.


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9 Responses to “Wendy’s Updates Gluten-free Menu Again (Updated 6/24/2014)”

  1. Debbie says:

    Clicking on “here” to view menu and it says page not found. Iam interested to know if the new strawberry fields salad is gluten free. Also the dressing served with it.

  2. Ruth Charnow says:

    I LOVE WENDYS…so does my daughter. I am GF and other issues, she is not! My concern is do they change their gloves? Are the containers cross contaminated being around items that are challenging? Are the food servers using utensils that are cross contaminated as well? You want to be normal, eat with the gang and yet there is so many issues to worry about…I want to start a Gluten free community…R U in w/me?
    I will still go to Wendys, but the anxiety level is through the ceiling as with everything!

  3. Tonia says:

    I went to 2 Wendy’s last evening in Central PA and they both did NOT know anything regarding gluten free items on their menu. Shouldn’t this be nationwide with Wendy’s? I was furious!!!

  4. glutenfreeone says:

    How could it possibly be that anything ordered from a fast-food restaurant wouldn’t be cross-contaminated? Even if you ask, I strongly doubt that the teen-agers in the back would comply. Restaurants simply aren’t options for me anymore, gluten-free menu or not.

  5. Leslie says:

    I do love Wendy’s!! Its so great to go there and have options. I do still have one complaint as a celiac about ALL fast food places in general. Why is it that when I order extra cheese or condiments I get charged an extra fee but when I order my food with NO BUN, they dont reduce the price of my item. The bun is half the item…
    I would love to see this change!

  6. Dusty says:

    It’s good to know anything new that we can eat that’s easy to grab and go. Thank-you

  7. Paula says:

    Awesome! My concern is the list does’t say anything about not containing malt, which is one gluten ingredient!

  8. mary waddell says:

    Thanks for so many gluten free items on the menu….we all apprieciate it

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