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Gluten-Free iPhone and iPod Apps

The Summer 2010 issue of Delight Gluten-Free magazine featured an amazing article entitled Digital Delights. I am a huge lover of Apple computers and iPods, but still pro-Blackberry. It’s apps like these that make me think about switching. The following information was taken directly from the article.

Best For Newcomers: Gluten-Free Groceries by Triumph Dining, Cost: $17.99

Best For The Home Cook: Whole Foods Recipe, Cost: free

Best For International Travel: Gluten-Free Restaurant Card,Cost: free

Best Overall: Is That Gluten Free?, Cost: $5.99

Honorable Mention Application: My Grocery Master, Cost:$4.99

Honorable Mention Application: Allergy Guard (and Allergy Guard Lite), Cost: $1.99 (free)

Honorable Mention Application: ICanEat OnTheGo Gluten and Allergen-Free, Cost: $2.99

Author Information: Jessica Neeren, Philadelphia, PA
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Jessica Neeren
  • jess says:

    The gluten free restaurant cards app (under Best for International Travel) is actually not that great. Most of the images are illegible. I pulled up the Mandarin Chinese card and I can’t even make out the characters; the Japanese is just as bad. Those are the two that I need the most. I wish it were a little better quality; even if it’s free it should at least still be useful.

    I love the Whole Foods app, though, especially for the shopping list feature.

  • Don’t forget Cook IT Allergy Free Read all about it here

    I have it and like it.

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