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Mark your calendars! Go gluten-free in Austin this September

Although gluten-free eating has gone mainstream (gluten-free products and health information have saturated the internet, grocery stores, and advertisements over the past few years, and being GF has even been named a top food trend for 2010) chances are, you may be the only person you know who has known food allergies.  This is why finding a community of supporters — other people who eat gluten-free as well — is so important in maintaining your diet and lifestyle, and being encouraged in your journey toward better health.  And what better way to gain support than attending an event dedicated solely too gluten-free living?

Well, mark your calendars for September 12, 2010 — it’s the Got Guts? 5K race and food fair for celiac awareness.  Held in Austin, Texas, Got Guts? will begin at 8:00 on the morning of the 12th, where participants can run in a 5K race, ending at the food fair — full of gluten-free food options.  Participating in the race is optional, however, and event-goers are welcome to only run, only visit the food fair, or do both!

Because this event is dedicated to celiac awareness, there’s no need to worry about cross-contamination or unsafe ingredients or preparations — all food at the event is exclusively gluten-free.  According to the Got Guts? website, “All food and beverages are 100% gluten–free… Thankfully, Austin offers a wide variety of gluten–free dining options. We have been fortunate enough to have several local restaurants donate their delectable fanfare to our festivities. More than 30 food and beverage vendors will be on site to provide their gluten–free specialties, which are sure to please both Celiacs and non–Celiacs alike.  In addition to food and drinks, the fair will also offer musical entertainment and post–race massages as well as fun yet informative sponsor booths”

All attendees, either for the 5K, and/or the food fair, must register in advance and pay the admission fee (fees vary according to the date of purchase, and activity).  Additionally, if you are a gluten-free baker or cook, register to become a vendor by filling out the application form on the Got Guts? website.

Whether you’re running, eating, selling your homemade goods, or doing all three, this is a perfect opportunity to network and connect with others in the gluten-free community.  See you in Austin!

Author Information: Liz Schau, Tampa, FL
Liz Schau, Health Writer

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