Gluten-free: Is coconut water the latest trend in the beverage industry?


Coconut water is becoming a fast-growing favorite beverage. Local grocery stores see it flying off the shelves. Have you tried it yet? It has a fresh, light taste and is a good source of electrolytes. Once just a Brazilian drink, it is now becoming a wide spread favorite right here in the U.S. Brazilians call it “agua de coco” and they consider it a nutritious, yummy staple.

Coconut water is the clear liquid inside a young, green coconut. One serving is higher in potassium than a banana and it is much healthier than sports drinks yet still high in electrolytes. Coconut water is gluten-free, fat free and has no added sugar. It started out being sold only in specialty and natural food stores but since it has been such a success, it is now sold in grocery stores around the United States.

Is this another trendy marketing boom, like bottled water was?

Is it just another over-priced beverage?

Maybe. Then again, maybe not.

It may not be your drink of choice on a daily basis, but is a refreshing change from regular water. If you are trying to stay hydrated while avoiding sugary, syrupy drinks, consider this option. Coconut water is especially helpful when traveling or after a long run since it keeps you hydrated and has been called the new natural Gatorade. Did I mention it is high in antioxidants?

cocounut_waterNot all coconut water is the same, though. One brand to try is Zico, who claims their coconut water is nature’s sports drink. Some brands have a slight metallic taste so my top suggestion is the highly recommended O.N.E. Coconut water. My personal favorite flavor is O.N.E. Coconut Water with a splash of pink guava.

Give it a try today!

For more information on O.N.E. Coconut Water, click here.

For more information on Zico, click here.

Author Information: Aura Lee Honkanen, Seattle
Aura Lee Honkanen, Seattle Gluten-Free Examiner

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  • Marty says:

    I would disagree and say I like Zico the least of all the coconut water brands. I think the taste is metallic, and I will only drink Vita Coco. Try the pineapple flavored one, it’s my favorite!

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