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Celiac Disease Foundation – Louisiana, Celiacs of Baton Rouge Chapter

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  1. If you like fried seafood, you can go to Casamentos at 4330 Magazine. All of their fried seafood is battered with corn flour and therefore is gluten free! Possibly, the only things you can’t have are the gumbo and toast. I’ve eaten there several times. It’s wonderful. I’ve also enjoyed the grilled redfish and the charbroiled oysters (minus the toast) at Royal Seafood House in the Quarter. Those are my favorites.

  2. Hi,

    We’re going to be travelling from Lake Charles to New Orleans and my kids and I have Celiacs. Can you give us some suggestions for where to eat. Also, we’re vegetarian- we know how tough this will be so I’m willing to eat seafood when we’re there, but the kids are going to be harder to convince. Anyhow, any leads for places to eat in the Cajun Country area would be greatly appreciated. We’ve got some good ideas on New Orleans itself, but if anyone would like to give info or opinions in that as well, we’d be grateful.

    Thank you!

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