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Celiac Disease Foundation – South Carolina, Greenville/ Spartanburg

by John Libonati on December 20th, 2009

Celiac Disease Foundation Group in the Greenville, SC area with 100 members.

Contact: Bev Gunter Phone: 864.845.5238 E-mail: Website:


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One Response to “Celiac Disease Foundation – South Carolina, Greenville/ Spartanburg”

  1. Iris Blando says:


    I would like to become involved with your group.
    I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 1957. You would think I am one of the lucky ones but there is always a “but”, it was thought, at the time that we “outgrew” celiac.
    I was 25 when, through research before PC”s, I realized that the GF diet was the way to go. I am 57 now and am soooo happy that we are becoming recognized as being a chronic medical problem, not just an excuse to be different.

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