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Cleo Libonati, RN, BSN Explains the Relationship Between Vitamin D and Covid 19 – Video

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that has many functions within the body.

One of these functions is immune regulation in fighting infection.

Covid 19 is a virus. It is an infection.

In this video, Cleo Libonati, RN, BSN explains the relationship between vitamin D and covid 19 so you know what you need to do to protect yourself.

Learn more about vitamin D including symptoms of deficiency, foods to eat, foods to avoid, medication interactions and supplementation in our Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide.

Video Discussion: Gluten-Free Diet and Paleo Diet

In this video, Dr. Osborne discusses the benefits of the gluten-free diet as well as the Paleo diet in an interview with FOX News.


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