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New Gluten-Free Classifieds Site Helps Consumers Find Products

Have you ever wanted to talk to your favorite gluten-free companies?

Now you can.

Gluten Free Works Inc., the publisher of Glutenfreeworks.com is adding hundreds of gluten-free companies to its newly redesigned classifieds website, Glutenfreeclassifieds.com.

Glutenfreeclassifieds.com is an online directory that helps gluten-free consumers find new products. Explore your gluten-free world, find new companies, rate products and interact with your favorite brands.

Visitors can review the listings to learn about the products and the companies that make them. They can rate companies and products, leave feedback to help others, send the listing owners private messages and save their favorites in their own accounts so they can find them again in the future.

Soon companies will be able to sell their products through Glutenfreeclassifieds.com. The site will also allow people to book restaurant reservations.

Signing up on Glutenfreeclassifieds.com is free.