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Nails, Rounded With Curved Ends

What Are Rounded Nails With Curved Ends? Rounded, curved, dark and dry nails are a well known feature of vitamin B12 deficiency. Q: How does vitamin B12 deficiency cause the nails to grow this way? A: Vitamin B12 deficiency affects ...

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Hair, Fine With Rough Texture

What Is Fine Hair With Rough Texture? Fine hair (lower diameter across the width) with rough texture is an abnormal hair shaft feature altered from the normal diameter and smooth quality of hair. Q: What is the normal diameter and smooth quality of ...

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Psoriasis: definition

A chronic relapsing dermatosis characterized by scaling, erythema (redness), and less commonly pustulation that is an associated disorder of celiac disease involving deficiencies of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and zinc – features of malnutrition. Click for full description.

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Arthritis, Psoriatic: definition

A joint manifestation of psoriasis, a systemic autoimmune disease, characterized by asymmetric involvement in one or more joints, especially affecting the distal phalangeal joints of fingers and toes at tips.

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