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Larynx Disorders

This category comprises disorders of the larynx that involve damage to its tissue and/or impairment of its function to swallow and produce speech due to malnutrition and the effect of systemic disease.
The larynx, also called the voice box, is a muscular organ made up of nine cartilages located below the mouth at the upper end of the windpipe in the throat. While swallowing, food is passed safely from the mouth through the throat into the esophagus by the automatic covering of the glottis (opening to the windpipe) with the epiglottis flap in the larynx.

Cancer, Post-Cricoid

What Is Post-Cricoid Carcinoma? Post-cricoid carcinoma is a rare malignancy arising in the hypopharynx. Q: What is the hypopharynx? A: The hypopharynx is the lower portion of the pharynx that opens into the larynx. It is comprised of the postcricoid ...

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What Is Laryngospasm? Laryngospasm is an acute disorder of the larynx that is characterized by life-threatening spasms of the muscles of the larynx located in the throat. Laryngospasm is a rare feature of hypocalcemia (low blood calcium level) characterized by ...

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