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Hair, Fine With Rough Texture

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Hair Follicles.

Hair Follicles.

What Is Fine Hair With Rough Texture?

Fine hair (lower diameter across the width) with rough texture is an abnormal hair shaft feature altered from the normal diameter and smooth quality of hair.

Q: What is the normal diameter and smooth quality of hair?

A: Although hair may appear to be a simple structure, it is actually a complex part of the anatomy whose biology is only partially understood. Hair grows from small organs (follicles) located within the complex microenvironment of the skin which has multiple layers of tissue, three glands whose secretions bathe hair, and multiple vascular systems.1

An individual hair is a thread-like shaft made up of cornified cells. It consists of the outermost layer, or cuticle, the cortex which is a horny component, and the medulla which is the central part.

Hairs receive nourishment from capillaries via the papilla at the base of their follicles (roots). Since the number of hair follicles are determined at birth, it is important to properly nourish them so they remain healthy.

What Is Fine Hair with Rough Texture In Celiac Disease and/or Gluten Sensitivity?


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