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Autoimmune Disorders In Celiac Disease

What Are Autoimmune Disorders? Autoimmune disorders refer to those conditions that involve an abnormal immune attack on the body’s own tissues perpetuated by the production of autoantibodies directed against the body, or “self.” Auto means self. Q: Why does the ...

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What Is Polymyositis? Polymyositis is a body-wide connective tissue disease resulting from autoimmune attack of skeletal muscles that is characterized by inflammatory and degeneratory changes. The course is unpredictable being marked by spontaneous flare-ups and remissions. Polymyositis can begin slowly or abruptly according ...

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Polymyositis: definition

An uncommon autoimmune body-wide connective tissue disease characterized by inflammatory and degeneratory changes in skeletal muscles leading to muscle weakness, wasting, and loss.  Click for full description.

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