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Symptoms of Celiac Disease – Classic: definition

Symptoms that have traditionally been considered to be the expected manifestations of celiac disease by which the diagnosis is made. Most patients with classic signs and symptoms visit their doctor because of nutritional deficiencies, anemia, weight loss, bloating, abdominal pain, ...

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Atypical Symptoms of Celiac Disease: definition

Those manifestations of celiac disease that are other than classic symptoms. Examples include urinary tract infection, joint pain, constipation, depression, headache, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), kidney stones, and gastric reflux.

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Tinnitis: definition

Perception of sound such as ringing, buzzing, and roaring that does not exist in the environment but rather comes from within the ear itself.

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Bacteria: definition

Germs that may cause infection.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD): definition

A neurobiological condition affecting a person’s ability to pay attention, characterized by a persistent pattern of inattention or impulsivity and hyperactivity that are developmentally (age) inappropriate.

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Anemia, Iron Deficiency: definition

A blood cell disorder that is characterized by formation of small, pale red blood cells, causing tissue hypoxia, the inability to meet the demands of the body for oxygen. Click for full description.

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