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What Is Inflammation? Inflammation is our body’s necessary self-defense response and repair mechanism for these assaults: 1) injuries such as cuts, scrapes, sprains, broken bones, burns, insect bites, toxins; 2) invading organisms such as bacteria; and 3) allergens and food sensitivities such as ...

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Pruritic (Itchy) Skin Rash: definition

A symptom of a primary disease, cutaneous (skin) or systemic characterized by chronic itching. In celiac disease, it is a symptom of malnutrition involving iron deficiency. Click for full description.

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Prurigo Nodularis (Hyde’s Prurigo): definition

A chronic dermatitis characterized by hard, dry, deep seated, intensely itchy papules. It is an atypical symptom of celiac disease involving deficiencies of vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids.  Click for full description.

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Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris: definition

A chronic generalized exfoliative dermatitis characterized by erythema (redness), scaling and keratoderma (thickened skin) that develops from vitamin A deficiency and is often associated with iron deficiency anemia and low serum albumin (protein deficiency). It is an associated disorder of ...

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