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Welcome to your Affiliate Page! You will find information on commissions, your affiliate traffic and commission reports, and links to ad banners and promotional links for individual products on this page.


Current Commissions


Tier 2 Commissions:

Earn 10% for every sale an Affiliate you referred to us makes! For example, if  you refer Bob, and he generates $1,000 in sales, then you make $100! Just refer other affiliates to this page and make money when they sign up and generate affiliate sales!

Commission Payments

We pay commissions through PayPal. Commissions are paid 60 days after the sale.

You will find your Affiliate Marketing Materials and Affiliate Report below.


Affiliate Marketing Materials:

Your Global Affiliate Link

(Only use this link to direct visitors to our Home Page.)

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You can use your personal affiliate link in e-mails, publish on your website, on Twitter, Facebook and any other platform you wish. When someone clicks your link and purchases one of our products – you earn a commission for the sale!

Affiliate Links  to Individual Products/Subscriptions


Affiliate Report

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