Recognizing Celiac Disease

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by Cleo J. Libonati, RN, BSN. 302 Pages. Paperback.

“There are finally a lot of good Celiac Disease books out there. Cleo Libonati’s Recognizing Celiac Disease is the best, by far the most thorough and researched.” ~Dale Adams, Dixon, CA


Recognizing Celiac Disease was written by Cleo J. Libonati, RN, BSN, a University of Pennsylvania graduate with nursing experience spanning 40 years in patient care, teaching and management positions. Her personal experience in discovering celiac disease as the underlying cause of health problems dating back to childhood – and her resulting recovery – motivated her to create this work. 

Purchased by thousands of people from around the world, Recognizing Celiac Disease has received praise from health professionals and patients alike.

Recognizing Celiac Disease will help you understand gluten, celiac disease, its symptoms and the nutrient deficiencies that cause them so you can get well and stay healthy!

If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity you must be your own health advocate – you need this book!

Learn how gluten causes health problems in your body!

Discover whether your ongoing symptoms are related to gluten sensitivity or celiac disease!

Find out which nutrient deficiencies are making you sick and which foods you need to eat to correct them!

Be informed so you can work with your doctor!

What You Will Find Inside Recognizing Celiac Disease

  • Explains GLUTEN, GLUTEN sources in food, how GLUTEN triggers harmful reactions in your body and the difference between CELIAC DISEASE and GLUTEN SENSITIVITY.
  • Gives you a concise yet comprehensive overview of celiac disease including background, prevalence, pathophysiology (how it alters your normal body processes), symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
  • The vitamins/minerals your doctor needs to test you for at diagnosis.Explanation of the human digestive process and how GLUTEN disrupts both organ structures and function.
  • Step by Step guide to beginning and maintaining the GLUTEN-FREE DIET.
  • Lists of foods and ingredients commonly allowed and not allowed on a GLUTEN-FREE DIET.
  • Explanations of the nutrient deficiencies GLUTEN causes, including symptoms, research study findings & case reports, response to GLUTEN-FREE DIET, and lists of foods with the highest sources of each nutrient so you can build a diet that meets your individual needs.
  • Detailed descriptions of over 300 health problems caused by GLUTEN, symptoms, prevalence, description, causes including nutritional deficiencies and whether they respond to the GLUTEN-FREE DIET.

Leading Medical Health Experts Endorse “Recognizing Celiac Disease

The 24-Hour Pharmacist

“Cleo Libonati paves the way for you to achieve vibrant health with “Recognizing Celiac Disease.” No one needs to suffer anymore because this comprehensive, one-of-a-kind resource can literally change your life within days. It will always occupy a space in my book shelf and I think both physicians and consumers can benefit from the sage advice within.”

Suzy Cohen Author of The 24-Hour Pharmacist and Drug Muggers

Celiac Disease Center, Columbia University

“A very thorough review of the literature! A useful resource.”

Peter Green, MD Professor of Clinical Medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons Medical Director, Celiac Disease Center, Columbia University

Harvard Medical School

“This work delivers an overview of celiac disease with a concise picture of the pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnostic tools and treatment of celiac disease. Most of all, it expands on the nutritional deficiencies and complications of this disease, emphasizing the dietary management of these patients. This work will serve as an excellent reference to physicians, medical students, dietitians, patients and the general public as well.”

Kenneth Falchuk, MD Associate Clinical Professor, Harvard Medical School, Senior Gastroenterologist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center

“The work successfully communicates the disease process, scope and multisystem nature of celiac disease as well as addressing treatment of nutritional deficiencies, associated disorders and the many complications of the condition.”

Stefano Guandalini, M.D Professor of Pediatrics, University of Chicago, Chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, University of Chicago Children’s Hospital, Medical Director, University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center

Gastroenterology Nursing Magazine

“Recognizing Celiac Disease should be on the shelf of every family affected by celiac disease as well as the health professionals caring for them.”

Gastroenterology Nursing Magazine

University of Pennsylvania

“This is must reading for any health professional who deals with this disease, and for individuals who suffer from it.”

Afaf I. Meleis, PhD, DrPS (hon), FAAN Dean of Nursing

Patients and Gluten Free Support Group Leaders Are Raving About “Recognizing Celiac Disease!

I loved your book!

I loved your book! I thought it was very comprehensive and detailed. The resources all in one place are amazing! Thank you!

Michelle M.

Hello Cleo, What I loved most about your book

Hello Cleo, What I loved most about your book is addressing the needs for micronutrients. Secondly, when I showed a dear friend with sarcoidosis the simple statement in your book that “sarcoidosis responds to a GF diet” she believed it and the research behind it and tried it ~ and subsequently feels much better. Be assured that you made a big difference in this woman’s life! Thirdly, your material on hyperparathyroidism is likewise helpful and I have showed it to several of our group members with this additional diagnosis and they have since added Vit D to their regimen (under their dr’s approval) with an increase in well-being.

Cheryl Hutchinson

I read through Recognizing Celiac to confirm what was happening with my daughter’s symptoms.

Hi Cleo – I read through Recognizing Celiac to confirm what was happening with my daughter’s symptoms. When she was having a variety of strange symptoms, joint pain, skin problems, diarrhea, weight loss and yellowing teeth no one was putting it together and guessing celiac. Now we are having relatives with some similar symptoms so I am showing them your book and encouraging them to be tested for Celiac. I passed the book on to our local pediatricians because I had been told by them”She does not look like a Celiac”. She was diagnosed 2 years ago and is feeling great because she follows a gluten-free diet all the time. Thanks for educating folks and letting them read about all the possible complications/ symptoms of untreated Celiac.

Mary M. Monterey

Recognizing Celiac Disease is a great resource guide

Recognizing Celiac Disease is a great resource guide that I use to help my customers identify their symptomology and what may be a related cause. It is easy to understand, informative, and very user friendly. I would recommend to anyone, including those who use it on a professional level.

Paul Kelty

I have used it to…

I have used it to emphasize the many nutritional deficiencies that may occur with Celiac Disease, and the GI docs I work with are now routinely testing for Vitamin and mineral deficiencies. We found our first zinc deficient pt recently! The explanation of the disease in the first section of the text has also been useful in helping members of our support group understand the disease.

Patricia C.

I keep several pages tagged always for reference

I especially enjoy the table which lists the dietary sources of specific nutrients (both animal and plant specific). I use it to help patients see where deficiencies may exist if the diet is not well-rounded. Vegetarians find it extremely beneficial to their individual understanding… I keep several pages tagged always for reference.

Linda H., RD, LN

Cleo: Your book is fantastic.

Cleo: Your book is fantastic. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 2 years ago. I purchased books and did quite a bit of on line research about Celiac disease after my diagnosis. I was somewhat knowledgeable about Celiac Disease when I purchased your book. I found your book to contain a wealth of informaton about Celiac that is not available in any other book. It may sound strange, but your book helped me to understand my life a bit better. I now understand what was going on inside my body when I exhibited various symptoms over the years, prior to diagnosis. Knowing what was going on and realizing that I was not weak or lazy or just plain nuts has made me feel better about who I am. Thanks for that. Thanks so much for your wonderful book.

Deb C.

Thank you. My husband and I both have CD and your book is by far the best one we have found in print on CD.

Thank you. My husband and I both have CD and your book is by far the best one we have found in print on CD. We love the format with the concise, current overview in the beginning and the detailed charts that make up most of the book. We refer to it on a regular basis as we research questions for ourselves, friends, family and others. We shared your book with the head of the pathology dept. at our local hospital, our CD support group members at our last meeting (and encouraged them all to purchase their own copies) and even with our dentist. I wish there were a way to get your book to all of our local doctors since none of them are informed about CD and few people are diagnosed in our area. My doctor had never dx’d a case of CD before mine (I was on my deathbed 6 years ago), and our pediatrician has never dx’d a case! I have proposed that our support group purchase books for all of our local gastroenterologists, providing you are not planning to publish an updated version in the near future. If there is any way you recommend that our support group, or we personally, can promote your book please let us know. Thank you again!

Suzanne Ludlam

Recognizing Celiac Disease is helping thousands of patients, health professionals and families across the United States and around the world. It will help you too!

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