Personal Nutrient Guide e-Book

Reverse your nutrient deficiencies, so you can optimize your health.

Your Personal Nutrient Guide will familiarize you with dozens of nutrients in a quick, easy-to-follow format.

You will understand what they are, what happens when you don’t have enough and how to replenish safely.

Each Nutrient Page Includes the Following:

Functions – what the nutrient is and how it works in the body.

Deficiency Symptoms – common symptoms that can develop from lack of required nutrients. Includes conditions and factors that impact nutrient absorption and usage.

How to Correct – Use this section to determine how much you need each day and how to get it through diet and supplements, if indicated.

  • Official guidelines for daily nutrient intake.
  • How much to take to replete levels.
  • The best form of the nutrient supplement to take.
  • Toxicity levels.
  • Food sources of the nutrient.
  • Availability of the nutrient in supplements.

Nutrients work together, not in isolation. 

It is crucially important to understand them to decide how best to tailor your diet and supplementation regimen.

The Personal Nutrient Guide will help you take control of your health!