Turner’s Syndrome 

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Before and after photos of repair of web neck in Turner's syndrome. Courtesy Wikimedia

Before and after photos of repair of web neck in Turner’s syndrome. Courtesy Wikimedia

What Is Turner Syndrome?

Turner syndrome is a sex chromosome abnormality in females characterized by failure of the ovaries to respond to pituitary hormone stimulation as a consequence of having complete or partial absence of the two sex (X) chromosomes.

Q: How does Turner syndrome affect the body?

A: Immature ovaries result in amenorrhea, or failure to menstruate, because puberty does not occur.

Turner syndrome is associated with various abnormalities and adults have a reduced life expectancy, mainly related to structural abnormalities of the heart and aorta and an increased risk of atherosclerosis.1

What Is Turner Syndrome In Celiac Disease and/or Gluten Sensitivity?


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