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Colitis, Lymphocytic

What Is Lymphocytic Colitis? Lymphocytic colitis is a microscopic inflammation of the large intestinal mucosa with infiltration of lymphocytes (IELs)  that is characterized by non-bloody secretory diarrhea. Secretory diarrhea describes bowel movements that consist of a large volume of liquid ...

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Colitis, Collagenous

What Is Collagenous Colitis? Collagenous colitis is a disease of the large intestine (colon) that is characterized by microscopic inflammation of the surface mucosal lining and an abnormally thickened collagen band of tissue that develops wthin the lining of the colon. ...

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Rotavirus: definition

The most common cause of infectious diarrhea in the United States, especially in children less than 2 years old. This virus causes gastroenteritis with symptoms of anorexia, vomiting and severe watery diarrhea in infants and children and usually milder diarrhea in ...

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