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Tuberculosis – Increased Susceptibility 

What Is Increased Susceptibility To Tuberculosis? Tuberculosis (TB), is an infectious disease caused by a bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is characterized by chronic bacterial infection most commonly affecting lungs that develops in stages. Increased susceptibility to tuberculosis menas the person’s ...

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What Is Bronchiectasis? Bronchiectasis is a pulmonary disorder characterized by chronic dilation of bronchi (main airways) and bronchioles (small airways) with chronic inflammation and swelling, increasing the risk of infection. In bronchiectasis, mucus produced to trap foreign substances, such as ...

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Pulmonary Permeability, Increased 

What Is Increased Pulmonary Permeability? Increased pulmonary permeability is a mucosal defect in the lung characterized by alteration of the normally tight epithelial  blood-air barrier in the lung apparently caused by inflammation. Q: What is the blood-air barrier in the ...

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Abscess Formation Causing Lung Cavities

What Is Abscess Formation Causing Lung Cavities? Abscess formation and subsequent lung cavities that develop from necrosis (death) of affected lung tissue constitute severe life-threatening respiratory disease  of the lung. Q: What is the difference between lung abscess and lung ...

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Pneumococcal Septicemia 

What Is Pneumoccocal Septicemia? Pneumococcal septicemia (sepsis) is a life-threatening syndrome characterized by a cascade of systemic (body-wide) inflammatory responses to lung infection caused by bacterial infection spread to the bloodstream. It is fatal in about 40% of cases, showing ...

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Bronchoalveolitis Leading to Bronchitis and Pneumonia

What Is Lymphocytic Bronchoalveolitis? Lymphocytic bronchoalveolitis is a pulmonary disorder characterized by lymphocytic airway inflammation of the bronchi (main passageways branching from the windpipe), bronchioles (small passageways), and alveoli (air sacs) at the end. The chronic, productive cough that develops ...

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