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Menopause, Early: definition

The permanent cessation of menstruation beginning 2 to 4 years earlier in celiac women characterized by vasomotor instability, psychologic and emotional symptoms and profound changes in the lower genital tract. Early menopause is a symptom of celiac disease involving deficiencies ...

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Menarche, Late (Start of Periods): definition

A menstrual disorder in girls characterized by abnormal delay of menstruation (periods) that is a symptom of celiac disease involving deficiencies of omega-6 fatty acids and cholesterol, features of malnutrition. Click for full description.

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Intrauterine Growth Retardation: definition

An development abnormality of  the fetus that is characterized by failure to grow normally for the time of its gestational period (stage of pregnancy). Click Intrauterine Growth Retardation for full description.

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Infertility, Male: definition

Inability to either produce sperm or to produce viable sperm or mobile sperm resulting in prohibiting fertilization of the female ovum. Malnutrition is a major cause. Click for full description.

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Infertility, Female: definition

Failure to conceive after one year of intercourse. Malnutrition is a major cause. Click Female Infertility for full description.

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Linoleic Acid (LA) Deficiency

What Is Linoleic Acid? Linoleic acid is an essential omega-6 fatty acid that comes from plant sources. Essential means the body must have it to maintain health and life sustaining functions. Omega-6 fatty acids are polyunsaturated. Among its many vital ...

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