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Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

What Is Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease? Non-alcoholic fatty liver is a non-inflammatory liver disorder characterized by degenerative changes in the liver caused by excessive accumulation of lipid (fat) in hepatocytes (liver cells) that is called free fatty acid-generated lipotoxicity. Non-alcoholic ...

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Liver or Hepatic Granulomatous Disease 

What Is Hepatic Granulomatous Disease? Hepatic granulomatous disease is an infiltrative chronic liver disorder characterized by growth of small granulomas. Rather than being a final diagnosis, the presence of hepatic granulomas entails the need for further investigations towards identifying the ...

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Autoimmune Hepatitis

  What Is Autoimmune Hepatitis? Autoimmune hepatitis is an autoimmune attack against liver cells that is characterized by inflammation and results in chronic liver disease which includes low blood albumin and cirrhosis. Autoimmune hepatitis is diagnosed by detection of autoantibodies ...

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Hypertransaminasemia (Elevated Liver Enzymes): definition

The level of transaminases (liver enzymes) in the bloodstream is elevated indicating liver cell injury.

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Hepatitis, Autoimmune: definition

An ongoing auto-immune attack against liver cells.

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Hepatic Granulomatous Disease: definition

An  infiltrative chronic liver disorder characterized by growth of small granulomas that result from an ongoing immune system reaction.

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