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Post-Cricoid Carcinoma: definition

A malignancy with early metastasis and poor prognosis arising in the hypopharynx, the region of the throat lying behind the voice box (larynx). Symptoms start out as difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) that progress to the feeling of a lump in the ...

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Cancer of the Pharynx: definition

A malignant growth of cells in the pharynx (throat) that is a major complication of celiac disease, developing as a consequence of gluten exposure and deficiencies of selenium, vitamin E and possibly, omega-3 fatty acids. Click  for full description.

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Hyperparathyroidism, Secondary: definition

A parathyroid disorder resulting from calcium deficiency that is characterized by excessive levels of parathyroid hormone causing bone loss. It is an complication  of celiac disease. Click for full description.

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