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Diarrhea, Chronic

chronic diarrhea gluten celiac disease symptom

What Is Chronic Diarrhea? Chronic diarrhea is an intestinal motility disorder characterized by 1) alteration in stool formation causing loose to fluid movements and quantity of movements with or without abdominal pain and 2) interference with normal carbohydrate salvage by ...

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IgA Deficiency

What Is IgA Deficiency? IgA deficiency (IgAD) is an immunodeficiency disease characterized by lack of immunoglobulin A type antibody production, called IgA antibody, with no detectable levels in blood or secretions. Q: What is an IgA antibody? A: IgA is ...

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Mesenteric Lymph Node Cavitation and Hyposplenism: definition

Combination is a rare lymphatic entity related to celiac disease and is characterized by shrinking of a mesenteric lymph node and absence of functional (working) spleen tissue. Mesenteric lymph nodes are located in the mesentery, a membrane that holds the ...

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