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Mesenteric Lymph Node Cavitation And Hyposplenism

What Is Mesenteric Lymph Node Cavitation And Hyposplenism? Mesenteric lymph node cavitation and hyposplenism combination is a rare lymphatic entity. It is characterized by involution (degeneration) of a mesenteric lymph node (abdominal) and absence of functional spleen tissue. Q: What ...

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What Is Cachexia? Cachexia is a state of ill health involving deteriorating body composition that is characterized by general malnutrition and loss of lean tissue such as muscle. Q: What are typical findings in cachexia? A: Arm muscle triceps (the ...

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Muscle Wasting: definition

A disorder of muscle tissue resulting mainly from any of these conditions: protein deficiency, vitamin C deficiency, thiamin deficiency (B1), and in the disorder, dermatomyositis. Click for full description.

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