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Ulceration And Stenosis, Postbulbar Duodenal

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What Is Postbulbar Duodenal Ulceration/Stenosis?

Postbulbar duodenal ulceration is a chronic inflammatory disorder characterized by thickening of the intestinal lining with excoriation penetrating the muscularis mucosae (muscle layer of the intestine) associated with villous atrophy.

The ulcer is well-defined. Stenosis due to thickening of the area narrows the hollow inside of the duodenum which impairs passage of foodstuffs and may lead to obstruction.

Q: Is postbulbar duodenal ulceration painful?

A: Postbulbar duodenal ulceration may not cause symptoms but usually causes gnawing pain that is relieved by eating food. After eating there develops nausea and bloating.

Complications include obstruction, bleeding, and perforation of the duodenal lining. Ulcers do not usually become malignant.

What Is Postbulbar Duodenal Ulceration/Stenosis In Celiac Disease and/or Gluten Sensitivity?


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