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Mesenteric Lymph Node Cavitation And Hyposplenism

Mesenteric Lymph Node Cavitation. Courtesy [5]

Mesenteric Lymph Node Cavitation.  Courtesy McBride OM, Skipworth RJ, Leitch D, Yalamarthi S.

What Is Mesenteric Lymph Node Cavitation And Hyposplenism?

Mesenteric lymph node cavitation and hyposplenism combination is a rare lymphatic entity. It is characterized by involution (degeneration) of a mesenteric lymph node (abdominal) and absence of functional spleen tissue.

Q: What is happening to the lymph nodes?

A: Lymph nodes are enlarged with central, partly cystic degeneration. When cut open either at surgery or autopsy, milky fluid exudes from the cut surface.

In regards to absent spleen function, the body is highly susceptible to bacterial invasion such as pneumonia because tissues of the spleen, called the pulp, produce specialized white blood cells that protect the body against bacterial invasion and trap foreign antigens.

What Is Mesenteric Lymph Node Cavitation And Hyposplenism In Celiac Disease and/or Gluten Sensitivity?


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