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Maltose Intolerance

Fermentation of Grain by Yeast Releases Carbon Dioxide Which rises the Dough. Courtesy Johnson Mathey Catalyst [5]

Bread is a Major Source of Maltose. Courtesy Johnson Mathey Catalyst

What Is Maltose Intolerance?

Maltose intolerance is an enzymopathy (enzyme failure) characterized by inability of the gut to properly break down maltose sugar molecules in food due to low maltase enzyme activity of the small intestinal lining.

Q: What is maltose and maltase?

A: Maltose is a double sugar made up of two molecules of glucose [6] and is derived from starch. Maltase is the enzyme required to digest or release glucose [6] from maltose. Maltase is produced in the microscopic brush border (microvilli) at the base of villi.

Here’s what happens when maltose is not digested:

What Is Maltose Intolerance In Celiac Disease and/or Gluten Sensitivity?


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