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Late Menarche (Start of Periods)

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Late MenarcheWhat Is Late Menarche?

Late menarche is a menstrual disorder in girls characterized by abnormal delay of menstruation, with or without breast development. The menarche is the first menstrual period or the start of menstruation. It should start within 3 years of breast development which usually starts after 10 years of age.

Q: How does the delay of menstruation differ from the normal start?

A:  In temperate climates such as the United States, the  menarche starts at an average of thirteen and one half years or between 10 to 15 years. Conversely, late menarche means the start is abnormally delayed past 15 years.

Causes of late menarche include stress, excessive physical activity such as athletic competitions, chronic diseases such as anemia, autoimmune diseases such as celiac disease, diabetes and thyroiditis, and nutritional deficiencies.

What Is Late Menarche In Celiac Disease and/or Gluten Sensitivity?


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