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Hypocupremia (Low Blood Copper Level)

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Paleness and Tendon Problem: Symptoms of Hypocupremia.

What Is Hypocupremia?

Hypocupremia, or low plasma copper, means the level of copper is too low to meet metabolic needs of the body for copper and is characterized by these many features:

    1. Impaired energy production causing weakness.
    2. Impaired ability as part of an enzyme to oxidize vitamin C which is required to breakdown histamine.
    3. Faulty blood cell formation and instability of blood cell membranes causing anemia, shortened life span of neutrophils causing susceptibility to infection, faulty platelet formation causing impaired blood clotting.
    4. Faulty elastin formation causing weak blood vessels.
    5. Poor collagen and connective tissue strength causing joint and tendon problems and weak bones causing deformities, faulty bone mineralization causing fragile bones.
    6. Loss of proprioception causing ataxia.
    7. Loss of pigmentation of hair and skin.
    8. Impaired thyroid function.
    9. Impaired adrenalin production.

Untreated, copper deficiency can advance to brain degeneration. Failure to make normal blood cells can result in death.

What Is Hypocupremia In Celiac Disease and/or Gluten Sensitivity?


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