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Hangnail on lowest finger. Courtesy Wikipedia.org

Hangnail on lowest finger. Courtesy Wikipedia.org

What Is Hangnail?

Hangnail is a broken strip of epidermis (piece of skin) at root or lateral (side) edge of fingernail or toenail that causes sharp pain.

A hangnail develops because the skin around the nail is unhealthy due to inadequate nutrition. Injury from trauma including biting the skin and pushing back the cuticles or exposure to excessive detergents and water that remove protective oils promote the development of hangnail.

All ages and both sexes can be affected.

Q: Can a hangnail become infected?

A: Infection, called paronychia, may develop from invasion of sore skin by any of these pathogens: bacteria, fungus, or yeast (Candida). Infected skin is red, swollen, and painful. Topical ointment is required to treat the infection.1

What Is Hangnail In Celiac Disease and/or Gluten Sensitivity?


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