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Dental Enamel Defects (Defective Tooth Enamel)

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Enamel_celiac[1]What Are Dental Enamel Defects?

Dental enamel defects (DED) comprise a variety of abnormalities in the dental enamel of the second or permanent teeth and of primary or baby teeth.

Teeth may appear with pits, thin or missing enamel, non-white enamel (yellow, orange, or gray colored teeth), and demarcated opacities (very white spots) even if teeth are white.

Q: What is enamel?

A: Dental enamel is the shiny, hard, white, dense, inorganic substance covering the crowns of the teeth. The crown is the tooth portion above the gum. Under the enamel is hard dentin which surround the living pulp. In teeth with missing enamel, the areas with exposed dentin appear dull and tan colored.

What Are Dental Enamel Defects In Celiac Disease and/or Gluten Sensitivity?


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