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Millions of people suffer from health problems due to damage from celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. 

As you know, the gluten free diet is the only available treatment and patients depend on you to help them manage their health. Removing gluten is just the first step. Nutritional deficiencies must be identified and corrected for optimum prognosis.

Depend on the Gluten Free Works Health Guide to provide accurate, up-to-date information that is easy to access and put into use!

How the Health Guide Helps You:

      • Quickly Match Hundreds of Symptoms with the Deficiencies That Cause Them!
      • Develop Your Plan of Care. Each Symptom Page Includes Everything You Need to Educate Yourself and Your Client on the Subject, and Treat It!
      • Print Symptom and Nutrition Pages for Your Clients. You Review Their Symptoms, Deficiencies, Food List and Give Them Their Printouts to Take Home! 

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  • Remedies to hundreds of health conditions stemming from gluten damage, gluten sensitivity, celiac disease and the nutrient deficiencies they cause!
  • Descriptions of hundreds of Signs, Symptoms, Associated Disorders and Complications related to gluten and celiac disease, the prevalence of each condition as it relates to gluten disorders, what causes the problem, how it responds to a gluten free diet, and our EXCLUSIVE “6 Step” process for each condition that shows how to treat the condition. This is the same process we use ourselves and have recommended to thousands of people!
  • Nutrient deficiency descriptions. Describes how nutrients work in the body, the characteristics of each nutrient deficiency, the dietary sources highest in those nutrients and the steps needed to correct each deficiency.
  • Complete explanations of gluten, gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, how gluten affects the digestive system, the gluten-free diet, including lists of safe and unsafe foods, and substitutes.
  • Printer friendly pages enable you to print the health condition and nutritional deficiency pages to share with clients.
  • Summaries of peer-reviewed medical studies and case reports gathered from around the world.
  • The most comprehensive library of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease symptoms in the world – regularly updated so you have access to current information.
  • All information regarding any health problem appears on one continuous page. No need to flip from one page to another for all the information on a topic.
  • No advertisements!
  • Designed to work on smart phones, tablets and desktops so you can take it wherever you go.
  • Dictionary of terms for your convenience.
  • 24 hour access from anywhere in the world.
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