Anxiety, Chronic

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AnxietyWhat Is Anxiety?

Anxiety or worry is a distressing emotional state of mind or mood that is characterized by a vague uneasiness, unpleasant feelings of apprehension or anticipation of danger and by interference with normal functioning, ranging from mild qualms and easy startling to occasional panic.

Q: What causes anxiety?

A: Anxiety can be a normal response to stress such as making an important decision, illness, divorce, problems at work or preparing for an exam.

In a dangerous situation, profound physiological changes rapidly prepare us for a “fight or flight” response by release of adrenalin hormone. Adrenalin speeds up metabolism to make available quick energy, tightens muscles in readiness, and speeds up the heartbeat and breathing so that more oxygen is made available to the brain and muscles.

Anxiety becomes a maladaptive disorder when it is excessive, unrealistic, or not provoked and impairs the ability to lead a normal life.

Anxiety that is part of a person’s personality is called “trait anxiety.” Anxiety that comes and goes is “state anxiety,” as in state of mind, and is usually due to unresolved stress or an underlying health problem.

What Is Chronic Anxiety in Celiac Disease?


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