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Cleo Libonati, RN, BSN is CEO and co-Founder of Gluten Free Works, Inc. and Glutenfreeworks.com. She is the author and publisher of the highly recommended celiac disease reference guide, Recognizing Celiac Disease.

Addison’s Disease: definition

An immune based disease of the adrenal glands characterized by failure to produce adrenocortical hormones.

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Hematologic Values in Childhood, Abnormal: definition

Lab study results showing blood abnormalities.

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Schizophrenia: definition

Schizophrenia is a thought disorder characterized by psychotic symptoms and inappropriate and bizarre behavior affecting cognitive function, interpersonal relationships, work or education, and self care.

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Hyperthyroidism – Grave’s Disease 

What Is Grave’s Disease (Hyperthyroidism)? Grave’s disease, or hyperthyroidism, is an autoimmune thyroid disease characterized by diffuse nontender goiter, elevated thyroxine hormone levels (T4, T3), suppressed thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), and presence of thyroid receptor antibodies in the blood. The ...

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