In our ongoing efforts to help people get well and stay healthy living gluten free, Gluten Free Works is proud to bring you Celiac Disease Today, a special publication for gluten-free support group leaders.

As the name suggests, Celiac Disease Today focuses on the health and wellness aspects of celiac disease, complete with accurate and up-to-date information regarding symptoms, research, diagnosis and treatment.

While the public and media focus seems to be shifting away from celiac disease and toward the gluten-free diet fad, Celiac Disease Today provides you with important information you, your family, support group members and friends can use to understand, diagnose and manage this common, yet commonly misunderstood, disorder.

Gluten Free Works hopes all gluten-free support group leaders take advantage of this fantastic (and free) resource.

Special thanks to Alba Therapeutics whose support helps make Celiac Disease Today possible.

John Libonati


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