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Are Your Medications Making You Sick? How to Find Out.

Medications are supposed to make us healthy, right? 

Well, medications are chemicals. Chemicals affect our bodies.

While a medication may improve one issue, it may be exacerbating or even causing other symptoms or problems that you thought were completely unrelated.

This can happen by interfering with absorption or causing depletion of our stores of certain nutrients.

Since different medications use different nutrients, the effect is different per medication.

Here is a frequently experienced scenario.

A medication is prescribed to treat a symptom.

That symptom improves, but another symptom develops due to the medication.

They call this a side effect. Now, that symptom requires a medication.

All too often, people find themselves on multiple medications to try to balance out all the problems caused by each medication.

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Three Health Questions to Ask Yourself This Weekend

Here are three important questions to ask yourself this weekend to determine whether you are as healthy as you can be:

Do the Medications I am Taking Treat a Symptom or Cure a Problem?

70% of Americans are taking at least 1 prescribed medication.

50% are taking 2 or more medications.

If you are taking a medication to treat a health issue, ask yourself whether the medication is fixing the cause or just treating the effects of the cause.

Is there an underlying problem that you could fix once and for all?

The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide explains the symptoms and their causes – and there can be multiple causes for the same condition.

It lists any medications that could be exacerbating the problems and gives you a 6 step process for fixing the health issue.

The goal is to find the cause and fix the problem, not cover over the symptoms. Read More »

New Treatment Guide Interactive Comment Section

We are super excited to announce a new interactive commenting on our Treatment Guide!

Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide subscribers can now add comments, ask questions, vote, and reply to each other’s comments on Health Condition entries (or any page for that matter).

Now you can talk directly to us or ask a question about the information on the page you are visiting!

Have a question about one of your symptoms? Let us know what you are thinking. We will respond and direct you to the answer!

You can vote comments up or down and even share pages to social media! 

We hope this new interactivity helps you get well and stay healthy in a fun and engaging way!

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