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I Got Glutened and It’s My Own Fault!

no glutenI sit here writing this post from my bed. It’s 9:39pm and I have been in bed since 4:30pm. My tonsils are so big it hurts to swallow and I feel like I have been in a boxing match where I lost, severely.

I used to get sick like this all the time before I was diagnosed with coeliac disease and I am starting this think that my immune system is a wreck again.

Why? Because I have been slack. Many of those out there with coeliac disease will think I am stupid. I am stupid.

You see at my current job we have staff cafe. When I first started the job I contacted the chef and asked him to label what items were gluten free for me. You can pretty much eat three meals a day for free at my staff cafe and since I am trying to save money I want to eat there as much as possible. Labeling the gluten free items lasted a day. So I contacted work again mentioning that it was awesome the day they labeled the gluten free items and could they continue with this. After this email they starting labeling the gluten free items again, for two days.

So what did I do? I just started guessing which items would be gluten free (and as much as possible ate the items that I definitely knew were gluten free based on when they did label them for three days for me). Only once in the last couple of months have I felt really ill after eating so I figured I was guessing right.

It’s not like I was purposely going out and drinking beer and eating glutenous bread so I figured everything was fine.

Now I am not so sure….

As I sit here on my sick bed I am making a pledge to myself. This has to stop. I will no longer disease my body with something that could eventually kill me.

For those non coeliacs around, there’s one outcome I would like you to take from this post….. a little bit will hurt.

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Author Information: Petra Aitken, Australia Petra Aitken was diagnosed with coeliac disease in late 2009. Soon after being diagnosed she started a blog, now known as Adventurous me, gluten free, as she could not find enough information on the internet about gluten free friendly places to eat in her home city. Since the blogs beginnings it has grown to include anything that helps those with gluten allergies or those cooking for people with these allergies to create and enjoy gluten free foods. Email: Website: Twitter: sydgfadventures


  1. I did it to myself just last night too. I hade had some of my homemade chicken noodle soup from the freezer and thought, “I just won’t eat the noodles” And was up all night. Chuck that up to my learning curve.

  2. Petra,
    I totally know what you are going through, I’m not as diligent as I could be now as well.. Do you have any more tips you could provide?

    In the same boat,

  3. I’m EXACTLY the same! I’m newly diagnosed as a coeliac, but also a type 2 diabetic. I cannot accept EITHER conditions, so therefore always “cheat” on my GF diet. I need to wake up and realise I’m putting myself in this pain. It’s got to stop.

  4. not your fault. i’d be worried that i’d be fired if i kept having to remind them. they can’t relate that your life depends on what you eat. it’s like me having to beg for money because the food choices that i have are full of gluten and i have no say so in the matter.

  5. My rule is I eat nothing out. Period. I have been glutened too many times. Even when people say it is safe. So unless you bring your own or eat fresh fruit from the cafe you are taking a big chance with your health. Sucks, but it is what it is. I go no where without some food in my purse. Airports are even worse!!

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