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Take the Health Guide Everywhere You Go!

Take the Treatment Guide Everywhere You Go!

Wouldn’t it be great to show your doctor how your symptoms are related, or which nutrient deficiencies are affecting your treatment, while you are sitting right there in his office? What about those disbelieving family members who say it’s all in your head, but suffer from symptoms you know stem from celiac disease? (We all know what that is like!) 

Now you can show them the answers – and the best part is you don’t have to memorize a thing.
You can take the Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide everywhere you go. 
The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide is fully responsive, meaning you can pull it up on your phone or tablet while you are sitting in your doctor’s office to show him or her information. You can print out any information in printer friendly forms with a click. This means you can print out symptom information for family members or the medical citations listed on each page so your doctor can research further.
How does it work?

Just open your web browser on your smart phone, go to the Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide and log in on any page to find the information you need.
I used the Treatment Guide about a month ago to show a woman at the Honda dealer her symptoms while we were waiting in the service center.
She was diagnosed with celiac disease about 17 years ago, and felt she had a good handle on her condition, but had no idea her wavy fingernails and thinning hair were due to certain nutritional deficiencies that were actually causing more serious problems. I took out my smart phone and looked up her symptoms. I showed them to her right there, on my phone.
She was so thankful that she finally had answers that could help her. She mentioned one of her doctors had recently commented on her fingernails. If she had had access to the Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide, they would both have discovered iron deficiency was behind it and could have worked supplementation into her treatment plan right then and there.
What does this mean for you?
The next time you are in a situation where you can help yourself or someone else by providing accurate information about symptoms, their causes and how to treat them, you can just take out your smart phone and look it up on the Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide!
You can take the most comprehensive celiac disease and gluten sensitivity treatment guide with you to school, support group meetings, doctor appointments, or family functions.
Take your own Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide everywhere you go! 
Best of health,
John Libonati

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Author Information: John Libonati, SW Florida Publisher, & The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide.

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