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Those Painful Cracks in the Sides of Your Mouth? You Can Fix Them in Two Days

Those Painful Cracks in the Sides of Your Mouth? You Can Fix Them in Two DaysMy neighbor came over to chat last week.
I noticed he had cracks in the corners of his mouth.
He said his doctor told him to keep them moist with chapstick.
I said it didn’t work, did it?
He said no.
I said,”it hurts doesn’t it?”
He exclaimed,”Yeah, like Hell!”
I told him it was called cheilosis, mainly caused by Riboflavin (vitamin B2) deficiency and gave him half a dozen B50 complex vitamins.

A few days later he was super happy and said they were gone.
He told me he had suffered with them for years.
No doctor told him they were from a simple vitamin deficiency.
Because they didn’t know.
I knew what to do because it one of the symptoms listed in our Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide.
The Treatment Guide tells you what the symptom is, how it develops and how to fix it.
You can use the Treatment Guide just like I do – to fix hundreds of health issues that your doctor won’t know how to fix.
Post any health issue you need help with below and I will tell you whether your health problem is on the website and link to the page in the Treatment Guide where you can find it.
You can then decide whether to subscribe to the Treatment Guide to get lifetime access.
If you do subscribe, you will gain the information and tools you need to control your health.
Best of Health!
John Libonati, Publisher

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