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Is the Gluten-Free Diet Still Relevant?

Remember when the gluten-free diet was all the rage in the news?
Not anymore.
Now, it is more often than not treated as a scam.
The news even tells you it is dangerous…unless you are diagnosed by a doctor, of course.
Gluten is said to be something best left to doctors…the professionals.
If you beat the odds, and are actually successfully diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, most doctors think all you need to do to get healthy is remove gluten from your diet .
A woman told us her doctor said, “just stop eating pizza and bagels,” after she was diagnosed with celiac disease.
Two years later, her daughter was born with a cleft lip.

No one talked to her about the possibility of ongoing malabsorption.
No one tested her for deficiencies.
No one really explained the gluten-free diet to her.
She was attractive and wealthy, and that is the treatment she received.
Others tell us their doctors told them to “Google it.”
In 2009, I made speeches to support groups across the United States where I predicted there would be a shift in mindset from celiac disease/gluten sensitivity to the gluten-free diet fad.
I called my presentation “Educating for Life.”
The problem was, and still is, that physician education lags research.
People flooded into doctors offices asking about gluten.
Doctors didn’t have answers. Still don’t.
Now, everyone has found the next “big thing.”
Well, KETO happens to be a type of gluten-free diet.
If gluten causes your inflammation, then removing all grains will remove the source of the inflammation and fluid retention that results.
When you hear a person say they lost 7-10 pounds the first week KETO, they didn’t lose fat.
They lost fluid, because inflammation decreased.
I’m not bashing the KETO diet, or any other diet.
After all, different diets work for different people.
I am saying gluten disorders are still misunderstood.
The public doesn’t get it.
Neither do doctors.
Malabsorption is not on the radar, especially if the patient is normal weight or overweight.
Symptoms are unrecognized.
Nutrient deficiencies are left untreated.
Unsuccessful medications and surgeries are prescribed.
People stay sick, whether they are gluten-free or not.
We published a groundbreaking medical reference that was endorsed by professors and physicians at the top medical institutions in the United States: Harvard, Columbia, University of Chicago, Jefferson Medical College, University of Pennsylvania….
That book was called “Recognizing Celiac Disease.”
It was written for doctors.
Most doctors ignored it.
Patients and support groups bought thousands of copies.
We converted the book into a website, the Gluten Free Works Health Guide.
We added information telling you how to treat over 300 signs, symptoms, associated disorders and complications.
We explained the effects of medications on symptoms.
We introduced remedies that work.
We provided a novel resource that helps you fix and maintain your health.
A resource that works…a tool that you can use to help yourself and your family.
If you want real answers and are eager to take charge of your health, the Gluten Free Works Health Guide is for you.
If you want a pill, it is not.
Visit the Gluten Free Works Health Guide and subscribe. It is our most important work.
Best of health,
John Libonati, Publisher
Gluten Free Works

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Author Information: John Libonati, SW Florida Publisher, & The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide.

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  1. agnes goldberg gordon

    very informative article. I was diagnosed by a doctor from Montefiore hospital in new york in 1985 after a battery of tests. He was very open to me and admitted that he was not totally informed about a gluten free diet and told me to read all labels!!!!! Been going to several support groups and mostly educated myself how to stay healthy!!! In my case I had pernicious anemia before the diagnose …now it is totally under control! Once diagnosed the only true control of what you ingest will help you!

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