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Video Review: McCormick’s Simply Better Beef Gravy

We’re always on the lookout for products that make life easier. My wife, Sally, just found this McCormick’s Simply Better Beef Gravy at our local Publix supermarket. She found this one on the clearance rack, but it seems to sell online for around $2.59. Here is my review of the ingredients, texture, and taste.

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Author Information: John Libonati, SW Florida Publisher, & The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide.
  • Jackie says:

    Awesome! Your video is timely, John. I was at a WalMart last night, and saw this product in the packaged gravy section. There was shelf space for three flavors: beef, chicken, and turkey. I was interested in trying the TURKEY version (being it is Thanksgiving) but it was completely sold out. Rats!

  • Peggy says:

    I really enjoyed McCormack Turkey Gravy at Thanksgiving. It was really tasty.

  • Joanne H says:

    Use their turkey gravy for Thanksgiving, fam liked it, I don’t eat gravy.

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