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How YOU Can Be Your Own Doctor and Why You Must

Neck InjurySeveral years ago I was referred to see a neurologist for a neck injury I received in a car accident.

This doctor is one of the top neurologists in the United States. He is a well known authority who teaches at a prestigious medical school. He is also a really nice guy.

After learning I publish, he said he would pass the information to his mother, who he mentioned has gluten sensitivity. Noticing his small stature, slim build, flaking skin and 1/8th inch long paper-thin fingernails, I asked if he had been tested for celiac disease.

He chuckled and said, “I don’t have a malabsorption problem.”

One of the most distressingly common things I experience is meeting sick people who do not even know they are sick.

This physician, published and famous for his expertise in neurology, had no clue he was suffering from multiple symptoms of nutrient deficiencies. He was sick, but did not recognize the signs.

Doctors cannot recognize symptoms of nutrient deficiencies in themselves, let alone in their patients.


Doctors are not taught nutrition in medical school so they do not know what to look for in their patients or that they should be looking for deficiencies in the first place.

It gets worse…

People get used to their symptoms so they do not report them.

It is natural to think “this is how I am,” but dreadfully unfortunate, because one deficiency can cause a cascading effect of multiple health issues. The resulting conditions, symptoms and maladies are usually treated individually, with medicines or surgeries, when simple replenishment of the nutrient would correct them all. Put simply, doctors and patients see 5 separate illnesses when the underlying cause is 1 deficiency and whatever is causing it, malabsorption and/or poor diet.

Hundreds of health problems stem from celiac disease. Nutrient deficiencies cause most of them. Doctors don’t realize it. Patients don’t. We do because we researched thousands of medical studies and case reports from around the world to create the medical reference “Recognizing Celiac Disease” and now, the Gluten Free Works Health Guide.

I use the Health Guide website every day to identify deficiencies, which I immediately take steps to correct. I can tell you it is GREAT know what is causing your sore tongue, mood swings or whatever, and what you need to do to fix them.

In fact, that is how I decided to eat smoked oysters for lunch yesterday. The Health Guide told me I need more iron, B vitamins and zinc. Oysters was listed among the dietary sources that are high in these nutrients. (Don’t worry. There are less exotic options on the list and which supplements you need to take are also offered! NOTE: We don’t sell supplements.)

If YOU want the answers to optimal health for YOU, and are willing to do something about it, visit the Gluten Free Works Health Guide now.

Review the list of symptoms. Then subscribe and follow the steps provided to fix each one of them.

You will be glad you did. Click Here For More Information.

Best regards,

John Libonati, Publisher
The Gluten Free Works Health Guide

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  1. As an RN when I was a nursing student in the late 60’s I was taught that celiac was a disease of childhood that if you weren’t diagnosed when grains were 1st introduced in the person would not be a celiac. For my entire adult life I was symptomatic. I was treated by a well known GI and was diagnosed as IBS-d When I moved to Fl I was sent to a young GI after hearing my family history (medical) he sent me for the blood work and then did an EGD with biopsy all were positive ( I was 56 yo) so even good GI’s can make mistakes not just neuro’s.

  2. To become your own doctor is the best you have ever do with your body because you are the only one who can understand the things easier when your body reacts.Very helpful tips and everyone should read this great article.
    Keep sharing!!

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