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Watch Your Waistline While on a Gluten Free Diet: Part Two

Keeping a slim and trim waistline seems to be an important topic lately. Members of the gluten free elite are trying to find ways to counter-act the effects of a gluten free diet on their weight.Carter_foodcart

In part one, the subject of will power was broached. Now that we have established that you have such a powerful tool at your disposal, let’s work on how to use it.

Selective Substitutions

Since the problem lies with the super-carbs, that is where you need to start. Put your powers to good use by having three days a week with no gluten free substitutes. Stick to lean meats, fruits and veggies on these days. This is a budget friendly idea as well. Put the savings towards buying that new smaller wardrobe.

Curb the Carb Cravings

One of the challenges of a gluten free diet is that it can leave you wanting. It’s hard enough to restrict all of your eating, who really wants to fight those cravings to restrict their diet even more? Luckily for us, the L.A. Gluten Free Examiner has supplied a great article about curbing those carb cravings. Once that’s under control your will power will once again reign supreme.

Make Friends with Your Sweet Tooth

We all know what happens when the sweet tooth is denied for too long. It takes over, possession-style and destroys everything you’ve worked hard to do. Make friends with your sweet tooth by offering some better options. Keep sweet treats on hand to replace gluten free substitutes that might work against you. Frozen bananas are super sweet and make a great dessert.

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  1. I’m gaining weight and can’t seem to stop it! I work out (i used to be thin) all the time and don’t eat a lot! I’m ready to go back to wheat

  2. I started a gluten free diet 5 months ago due to allergies and lost ten pounds in a month(I am an 18 year old girl with an athletes body). Now Im gaining all the weight back while eating less…I am an active person and eat very little due to my food intolerence, could it be because of gluten free products?

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Dely,

      The weight gain could be from a number of things. If you were malabsorbing nutrients before you went gluten-free, your body may have recovered enough so that it now absorbs much better – meaning you need less to eat. Another factor could be the types of foods you are eating: nutrient dense or high sugar content? lots of starches or balanced? Candida could be an issue. Are you drinking enough water? Are you eating ENOUGH carbohydrates? A LOW carb diet will pack on the pounds. (A NO carb diet leads to weight loss but is terrible for you.) And the weight gain: Is it fluid retention or fat or muscle? If fluid retention, then something is causing you to be inflamed. If fat or muscle, then adjust your diet accordingly. Try this. Keep a food diary for two to three weeks. Write down everything you eat and drink and how it affects your weight or any health symptoms. Look for trends in symptoms and fluctuations in weight. This will give you a better idea of what is going on.

  3. In many experiences talking to people, many will substitute gluten products for processed products using other refined flours that have empty calories and sugar. While I agree that no carbs is unhealthy, if you skip most grains and eat proteins and lots of veggies and some fruit, you are getting all of the carbs you need. Many people look for convenience foods, or foods to replace what their eatings habits once were. Why not embrace a new way of eating and see if your health improves? Buting gluten free cookies and snack foods will not make you healthier.

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