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Dr. Oz and the Real Scam – Doctors Don’t Know Everything

The Gluten Dude posted this video of Dr. Oz commenting that gluten free is a scam. Although Dr. Oz has devoted many shows to the gluten-free topic, he dismisses the diet as a scam on this show.

Dr. Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon, a heart surgeon. That is what he knows best.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because a person is a “doctor” he or she knows anything about gluten free, celiac disease or anything that is not in his or her specialty. The general practitioner, primary care doctor, reviews the patient’s symptoms and decides which specialist to recommend. The patient then goes to the specialist: dermatologist, neurologist or endocrinologist.

This is one of the reasons people visit multiple specialists, receive multiple diagnoses and take multiple medications when the underlying cause is one thing that affects them all. For example, a med student approached us about her gastrointestinal symptoms. She also had acne, poor night vision and follicular hyperkeratosis (bumps on the back of her arms). She was seeing a dermatologist for her skin and an ophthalmologist for her vision. Cleo Libonati diagnosed her with vitamin A deficiency based on her symptoms as a whole.

If you want to know something about heart surgery, ask Dr. Oz. If your question regards anything else in the body, find another doctor who specializes in that thing.

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Author Information: John Libonati, Florida


Editor & Publisher, Recognizing Celiac Disease.

John can be reached by e-mail here

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John Libonati
Author Information: John Libonati, Philadelphia, PA Publisher, & The Gluten Free Works Health Guide. Editor & Publisher, Recognizing Celiac Disease.

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