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My 14 tips for a HEALTHY 2014!

Can you believe 2014 is already upon us?! It’s crazy how fast time flies.
Each year since going gluten-free I’ve learned more and more about how to live a healthier life…and I wanted to share what I’ve learned this year with you! Here are my 14 tips for your healthiest year yet:
happy new year gluten free
1. Eat RAW veggies – EVERY DAY!
gluten free veggies
Raw vegetables are full of digestive enzymes, nutrients, and fiber our body needs to function at it’s best. Eat them daily and you’ll definitely reap the benefits. 
2. Switch from Cow’s Milk to COCONUT MILK 
gluten free coconut milk
Many people who are gluten intolerant will also find they are intolerant to cow’s milk and milk products.  Coconut Milk is full of healthy, anti-inflammatory fats and is high in Vitamin D, Calcium, Selenium (important for thyroid function) and several other nutrients. It tastes GREAT and is perfect for making protein shakes too…
gluten free pea protein
Pea Protein is a highly digestible protein supplement made from 100% Organic Non-GMO yellow peas. It is packed full of amino acids, and tastes great great mixed with berries, bananas, and coconut milk. Have a pea protein smoothie a few times a week for breakfast or for your pre-workout.
It’s great for your waistline too….
4. Eat more BERRIES
gluten free pea protein
Berries are a great source of antioxidants and fiber. They help rid our bodies of toxins and keep us feeling young and vibrant! Add them to desserts, smoothies, or just eat them fresh.
5. Get an extra hour of SLEEP each day
gluten free gaba plus
We all have stress in our lives for one reason or another. Make sleep a priority this year, and you’ll immediately feel better and be in a better mood! When I can’t sleep due to anxiety, or when my brain just won’t “shut off,” I take GABA. This natural supplement is so calming and relaxing! It helps to “slow down” the anxiety and so you can enjoy deep REM sleep. (CAUTION: DO NOT TAKE WITHOUT DOCTOR’S PERMISSION  as it should NOT be taken with certain SSRI’s and other medications).
6. Eat more YAMS! 
gluten free yams
Yams are a SUPERFOOD because they are so high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C…both anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. Try to eat yams a couple times a week, and you’ll enjoy better eyesight, improved skin elasticity, and feel younger over all!
7. Cut out ALL of the GLUTEN! 
gluten free 100%
Make 2014 your year to be 100% GLUTEN-FREE! Make a commitment to prepare more home-cooked meals and only eat out at places you can trust will keep you gluten-free.
8. Eat out more at CHIPOTLE! 
gluten free chipotle
Chiptole is one of the healthiest and safest places for gluten-free people. Let your server know you’re gluten-free and he will change his gloves and use separate utensils. My favorite thing to order at Chipotle is a veggie bowl full of lettuce, black beans, peppers, onions, salsa, and guacamole. Sometimes I bring my own brown rice tortillas (Food for Life brand) and put everything inside to make a perfectly fabulous and healthy gluten-free burrito. Mmmmmmmmm……….. :)
9. MUSIC…listen to it, play it, feel it!
gluten free music
As a music teacher, I know how healing it can be for our mind, body, and spirit. A huge part of our physical health is our MENTAL health. Music relaxes our mind, reduces stress, helps us put our lives into perspective, and can even promote better sleep. Make 2014 a year of great music! Make a new CD for your car, play more uplifting songs while you’re doing housework, join a choir, or learn to play an instrument. Music truly inspires good health.
10. Take a relaxing EPSOM SALT BATH once a week
Taking an Epsom salt bath will balance out your pH levels, reduce your stress hormones, and get rid of toxins in your body. You will also notice that you will sleep better and have a better complexion! (CAUTION: IF YOU ARE DIABETIC, ASK YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TAKING EPSOM SALT BATHS, as they can possibly affect blood sugar levels).
11. GET MOVIN!  
gluten free celiac scoop christie
New Year’s resolutions to workout 4 hours a day rarely work past January 15th. Make 2014 the year where you “get movin” little by little every day! Remember that even 5-10 min workouts count. WALK to your mailbox, take the stairs, park father away from the grocery store, jog around the block, or have a “dance party” with your kids before bed. Every minute counts! If you have the time to join a gym, do it, and make it a priority to go. Just don’t skip out on weights or the sauna! ;)
12. Say NO to HFCS… 
gluten free high fructose corn syrup
Have a goal this year of cutting out ALL HFCS in your diet. You may need to open your fridge and switch up your condiments…as HFCS is hiding in your ketchup, mayo, relish, salad dressings, tartar sauce, jams, and more. Cut your risk for diabetes and have better health overall as you use condiments with pure, natural, organic ingredients. Trader Joe’s is a great place to shop for these products.
You won’t find any HFCS there!
13. Switch from regular soda to ORGANIC ITALIAN SODA
gluten free soda
Speaking of HFCS….soda is one of the worst places it is hiding! I rarely drink soda, but on occasion when I “need a fix,”I go for organic Itailian Soda. It’s free of HFCS and tastes better too. You don’t have to buy the Whole Foods brand either – many local grocery stores carry Italian sodas… just make sure to read the labels.
14. Use Pink Himalyan Sea Salt
gluten free salt
One of the most important aspects of your health is what kind of SALT you are using. Pink Himalayan sea salt has by far the highest amount of trace minerals our bodies need. This kind of salt can be expensive, but look for it in the food section of TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ross, or Marshalls. They have great deals on this and more organic products and superfoods.
Is there anything you’d add to my list?
I wish you all a WONDERFUL #GlutenFree 2014…♥ Christie (@celiacscoop)
gluten free new year

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