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Deal Alert! Half Off Gluten-Free Mixes from Sugar & Spice Market!!

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NOW at!
Hurry! This is a LIMITED Deal – Ends Sunday May August 19th!

gluten free deal sugar and spice baking mixesPay just $10 for $20 worth of Sugar & Spice Market’s Gourmet Gluten-Free Mixes!

About This Deal

Treat Yourself to Yummy Gluten-free Brownies, Sugar Cookies, Pancakes, Waffles and Cakes, with Sugar & Spice Market’s Tasty Brand New Baking Mixes and All Purpose Flour!!

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Deal Highlights!

■ This deal is limited to the first 100 people!

■ HALF PRICE! Pay $10 and you GET $20 worth of your choice of Brownie Mix, Sugar Cookie Mix, Pancake/Waffle Mix or All Purpose Flour Mix!

■ These are the NEWEST Gourmet Gluten-free Baking Mixes on the market and already receiving rave reviews! “You could not tell that they are gluten free at all. The texture and the taste just melted in your mouth!” – Gluten Free for Jen

■ Sugar & Spice Market products are packaged in a dedicated, GFCO-certified, kosher processing facility free from the top 8 allergens.

Four Delicious, Easy-to-Prepare Gluten-Free Mixes:

Enjoy your favorite recipes with Sugar & Spice Market’s great tasting all purpose gluten-free flour. Or try Sugar & Spice Market’s gluten-free baking mixes for an easy to bake sweet treat!

■ Brownie Mix!
■ Sugar Cookie Mix!
■ Pancake/Waffle Mix!
■ All-Purpose Flour!

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About Sugar & Spice Market:

Sugar & Spice Market, the newest gourmet gluten-free baking mix maker to hit the scene, had its beginnings in the home. Arising from the need to find great tasting gluten free products that would satisfy all family members, whether gluten-free or not, Sugar & Spice Market developed a superb gluten free flour replacement mix that mimics the taste and texture of traditional wheat flour in baked goods and food recipes. What followed was the addition of a suite of easy-to-prepare baking mixes that everyone and anyone can use with ease.

Dedicated Gluten-free Facility and Ingredients:

Sugar & Spice Market’s products are blended and packaged in a GFCO-Certified Gluten Free Facility and are free of the most common food allergens.

■ Gluten Free
■ Dairy Free
■ Casein Free
■ Soy Free
■ Peanut Free
■ Tree Nut Free

*Mixes call for butter, eggs, vanilla, and milk. You may substitute oil, shortening and non-dairy milk in all mixes. They are quick and easy to make and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Click here to view this Gluten Free Works Deal!

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