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Which Medications Do You No Longer Need Since Going Gluten-free?

John Libonati Gluten Free Works

On December 13, I posted a question on the Glutenfreeworks Facebook page to ask people who had adopted a gluten-free diet if they no longer needed medications they had been taking. The response was incredible. Dozens of people described how they no longer needed drugs, some of which they had been taking for years or decades.

Here is my post and their responses…

“I gave a presentation to a group and mentioned a friend who had been on Zantac for 20 years. I went on to say that once she went gluten-free the acid reflux disappeared. A woman in the audience stood up and said the same thing happened to her – she had been on it since she was 10 (I’m guessing she was in her mid to late 30s.).

My question for you is what medication (of any kind) were you on, before you went gluten-free, that you no longer need to take and how long did it take before you did not need it anymore?”


      Ashley Nikki Garcia Prilosec & zantec. ! 

      December 13 at 5:25pm · 

      Lauren Smith I also took OTC for heartburn on a near daily basis. No more! 

      December 13 at 5:27pm · 

      Surely Masquelier McMaster I’ve taken Neurontin for 10 years..GF since Sept. and realized in Nov. that I don’ t need it!  

      December 13 at 5:35pm · 

      Sarah Fischer Prilosec or zantac. I also took some IBS meds over the years along with lots of Tums. It’s unusual for me to need these things now. 

      December 13 at 5:35pm · 

      Anne Luther I was on Pepcid but have not taken one for over 8 yrs. 

      December 13 at 5:39pm · 

      Renee M Royal all my asthma medicine that I took for nearly ten years before going off of gluten. that always impresses doctors from them to hear that! 

      December 13 at 5:40pm · 

      Sherry Forkum All the meds for heartburn/acid reflux and of course they never worked, only making me sicker. I also was on constant antibiotics for sinus infections, ear infections, etc. After 4 months of GF I turned in all medications. Don’t need them! 

      December 13 at 5:43pm ·  ·  1

      Gay McCray Has anybody had a problem with low platelets that eliminating gluten resolved?? 

      December 13 at 5:44pm · 

      Tom Bolander I’ve taken most of them, but zantac & prilosec worked best for me… My GI wants me to take prilosec daily becase of 50 plus years of undiagnosed Celiac, which caused quite a bit of erosion… I’m thinking that zantac may be the drug of choice for me… 

      December 13 at 5:45pm · 

      Lynn Johnson i had been attributing the improvement in my lung symptoms to the regular zumba i’ve done over the last 8 months. though for the past month or so i’ve been mostly off wheat. pretty sure i’ve gotten a little wheezy when i had a slip. 

      December 13 at 5:47pm · 

      Anna Gallant same for me… reflux totally disappeared… I didnt realize the gluten was causing it either.. 

      December 13 at 5:52pm · 

      Karen Jaffe I was on Aciphex for about five years. Even with insurance, it cost me $125/month. After going gluten-free last year, I started getting the reflux again. Come to realize that the meds had caused my body to produce NO acid. If I had not been seeing a nutritionist, I would never have known. Went off the medication and feel much better! 

      December 13 at 6:05pm · 

      Jennifer Deinarowicz My migraine meds! Since going gluten free in June, I have not had a migraine since. I suffered with them since I was 12 years old. 

      December 13 at 6:50pm ·  ·  1

      Jacqueline Nance Any and all meds for migraines!!! Yeah!!! So cool!!! 

      December 13 at 7:28pm · 

      Jacqueline Nance Jennifer– just saw ur post. I’ve had migraines since I was 9. I’ve been GF for 15 months and I’ve only had 4 migraines. I used to get 4 a week. NO JOKE!! I’m so glad u found relief!!! ♥ 

      December 13 at 7:31pm ·  ·  1

      Nutrimom- Food Allergy Liason This is interesting because my hubby has to take Prilosec for his Barrett’s Syndrome but how did the woman realize she could stop taking the Zantac? 

      December 13 at 7:40pm · 

      Von MacBurnie Sorry to say, but, I’ve been Gluten free for 12 yrs and my reflux is still severe…I am also Lactose intolerant..Any other suggestions?? I take 2 Pantoloc pills daily and now they don’t help as much…I live alone and am very careful about cross- contamination… 

      December 13 at 8:54pm · 

      Liza Phillips I took A LOT of OTC gas meds., like Gas-X & Phazyme. The gas & bloating was at times painful. But I never had heartburn & reflux issues. 

      December 13 at 9:16pm · 

      Diane Libonati Haggar No more meds for migraines that I had from childhood through age 25 when I went GF. Went off gluten for stomach problems and migraines stopped. Amazing!! 

      December 13 at 9:19pm · 

      Millet Mommy I have had chronic migraines since I was 4 years old. I have been on countless pain medications for them. I haven’t had a single migraine since going gluten free. I also have been severely anemic and on prescription iron supplements since I was 12. I no longer need iron pills. Acid reflux, gone. Severe bi-polar like mood changes, stabilized. Belches to rival the Hulk, tamed. It’s amazing what going gluten free can help with. 

      December 13 at 9:33pm ·  ·  1

      Gloria Duy Iron shots,b12 shots, triple the dose of thyroid meds. My daughter got off all asthma and. Migraine meds 

      December 13 at 10:24pm · 

      Jill Brennan Jones My son took meds for reflux from birth to age 5 when he was diagnosed with celiac. Going gf stopped all reflux and the need for meds. My other two sons don’t have a positive celiac diagnosis but if they eat gluten they reflux and burp constantly. Having them go gf takes care of their symptoms too. 

      December 13 at 10:38pm · 

      Jessica Arismendi Nexiem, prilosec, and pain killers 4 my back pain 

      December 13 at 10:41pm · 

      Kristine A. Iskierka To Von: I tired pure aloe vera juice, no more acid reflux…2-3 oz. a day on empty like magic, no more opermenasole ., and gluten free since May 2011 

      December 13 at 10:52pm ·  ·  2

      Pat Veneman Stone Pepcid and Gas-x. Daily (sometimes multiple times daily). Now, nothing. Took a good six to eight weeks, probably because I hadn’t completely eliminated gluten till then. Also, no more gallbladder issues, which were painful and chronic. 

      December 13 at 11:13pm · 

      Pascha Hansen I was on previset which did work but not totally so I had to take gavisgone. I was told not to eat near bed time even though I was eating at 6 and going to bed at midnight and still getting reflux. In the end I stopped eating suppers it wasn’t worth the reflux. Then I stopped eating gluten and it ended no more pills no more reflux! Yahoooo! 

      December 14 at 12:42am · 

      Angela Hughes-Sharp Allergy meds…no sniffles for a year. 

      December 14 at 12:49am · 

      Al Klapperich Excessive reflux is what kickstarted my gluten-freedom and my first foray in the limiting foods [ie GERD Diet]. 

      Let’s see…The doc started off with Nexium, then to Prilosec, then to Zantac, then to Prilosec with Zantac, then to Aciphex. Whew! They’d work for a while, the reflux would come back. This took place over 1.5 – 2 years.

      Once I figured out gluten was my problem – no more reflux meds! It was another Festivus Miracle! ;-)

      December 14 at 1:12am · 

      Leen Coremans Hope my body will follow Sherry’s scenario once I’m off the gluten long enough. Only been a month at this point and already feeling better, but sinus infection and reflux are still on the list right now. 

      December 14 at 4:23am · 

      Guido Schüffelgen All kinds of painkillers, lots of. 

      December 14 at 6:44am · 

      Kelly Stephens Wylam They “wanted” to put me on cholesterol meds, fibromyalgia meds, and acid reflux meds…I KNEW that ALL my symptoms were somehow related to my diet!!! I declined meds, because all of them have even potentially more horrible side effects that could have complicated (confused) my original, underlying symptoms even more. So glad I chose to not take the meds and discovered what was REALLY wrong!!! 

      December 14 at 7:33am · 

      Elisabetta Malangone Yep- Was on omeprazole for acid reflux daily for over a year, and I’ve only been gluten free for 6 weeks, but already off this med with much less heartburn! Also cut my domperidone dose for gastroparesis in 1/2! Hopefully I have the same success with my asthma and allergy meds once I’m on the diet longer… 

      December 14 at 12:00pm ·  ·  1


As you can see, removing gluten from the diet can result in recoveries that expensive drugs could not effect.

This begs the question. Why don’t health maintenance organizations and the medical community sit up and take notice?

The simple answer is that doctors are not exposed to this information because there is no profit in dietary intervention.

With their medical training, doctors are experts in matching symptoms to causes and could quickly revolutionize how these maladies are diagnosed and treated, but they do not have access to all the information they need.  The truth is that physicians do not understand malabsorption, nutrition, food sensitivities or celiac disease, although they think they do. And the result of their ignorance is that people remain sick while pharmaceutical companies and surgeons treat the symptoms instead of the underlying causes.

Doctors – all the way to the top – do not realize what they do not know and do not believe it when a “non-key opinion leader” presents them with information or processes with which they are unfamiliar. Doctors will hesitate to believe another doctor unless he or she is considered a key opinion leader.  Sadly, patients who present them with new information that differs from their training are treated with contempt or ignored. Politicians who develop budgets for government research are misled by those same key opinion leaders who they believe to be the best in the field.

The results are poor policies, increasing and ineffective health expenditures and a sick populace.

Medical references like Recognizing Celiac Disease, that compile medical studies and case reports from around the world, and accurate nutritional assays like cellular micronutrient testing could revolutionize the way gluten sensitivity and celiac disease are diagnosed and treated.  When properly equipped with the right information and tools, doctors quickly and effectively CURE people, rather than maintaining declining health by use of drugs and surgeries.

Physicians must be educated on a large scale to effect change. Grass roots efforts cannot accomplish this. Only national and international education programs led by foundations and government funding can make a difference.

How to reach and influence the right people at these institutions is the difficulty…any ideas??

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  1. I don’t take meds but since going GF I don’t have to take iron pills anymore. I don’t get bloated, headaches, gas, flatter belly. I feel so much better than I ever felt in my life.

  2. I had been anemic for years, and required iron pills to even begin to attempt to have numbers anywhere near normal. But three and a half years now after my celiac diagnosis and going GF, my numbers are totally within the normal range (almost on the high end of normal) without an iron pill in years.

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