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Applebee’s Offering Gluten-free Options

Gluten-free residents can add another restaurant to the growing list that will accommodate their needs – Applebee’s.  Applebee’s joins a host of many other restaurants that are now offering a list of menu items that don’t contain gluten.  As noted, this list is subject to change, so make sure to check back frequently.  

As with any restaurant, there is always a risk of cross-contamination.  To help minimize the risk, ask to speak with the manager on duty.  Be sure to ask how the menu item is prepared and if it is cooked on surfaces or in fryers where food that contains gluten is prepared.  

For example, fried items such as chips, French fries and potato skins are not considered gluten-free if they share a fryer with gluten-containing foods like chicken fingers or onion rings.  In order for the said items to be gluten-free, they must be gluten-free to begin with and then be fried in a dedicated fryer.

Ask how the salads are prepared.  Are they tossed in a clean bowl so that there are no crouton crumbs to contaminate the lettuce?  Finally, ask that separate, clean utensils are used to handle the food.  

Click here to find the location that is closest to you.  

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  1. I just called 3 of them by me..NOT ONE mangr knew what I was talking about. I even spoke to the GM for these stores. He never heard of this gluten free option!! How sad is that

  2. Natasha Sleight

    Never seen a worse restaurant that Appleby’s for gluten free choices. It’s like cafeteria food at it’s core. They can’t make anything that isn’t laced with wheat so I would be very surprised this goes anywhere good.

  3. PLEASE visit the AllergyEats Blog ( and run a search for “Applebee’s” before considering dining at one.

    The food allergy and intolerance community has spoken VERY loudly and clearly at AllergyEats – Applebee’s is one of the lowest rated restaurants in terms of “allergy-friendliness” (a horrendous 2.4 on a 1-5 AllergyEats scale, as rated by peers).

    The series of blog entries and discussions at the AllergyEats Facebook page show a culture of no training, no understanding, and severe cross-contamination fears.

    I have no personal gripe with Applebee’s – never worked at one, never had a personally bad experience, don’t know any employees. I spend my time continuing to develop Allergyeats to serve the community as the biggest and fastest-growing online guide to allergy-friendly restaurants in America. By utilizing the peer feedback that drives AllergyEats, I have been able to step into an advocacy role. I have tried to begin discussions with Applebee’s in an effort to persuade them to become more allergy-friendly. With 90% of their restaurants owned by franchisees, they have demonstrated ZERO interest (and seem to hope I, and other individuals concerned about food allergies and intolerances, will go away).

    Good luck and PLEASE visit the blog if you’re thinking of trying Applebee’s. I don’t want this to be a commercial, but it is very important. Again,

  4. HA! We went to Applebees last week because of their gluten free menu… I asked the server if the fries were fried seperately and hse told me no. Then she got their GF list out for me, which is the same as the one online and said “anything on this menu is safe.” I explained to her that the fries were NOT GF if they are fried with breaded items and she got her manager. He came out and then told me “if it is on the menu it is safe for you to order.” I asked if the fries were cooked in the same oil as the breaded chicken and he said “yes”… I then told him that they are not GF if that is the case, and he said, “No, They are gluten free. It says so right there on the menu.” Awesome! Applebees either needs to remove the misleading info from their allergy menu, OT train their employees on the proper way to handle food allergies. I will never take my 3 year old there again. VERY disappointed!

  5. I ate there from the gluten free menu in August. They were very nice and accommodating, BUT I STILL ENDED UP SICK! They are NOT careful enough. This restaurant is ONLY good if you just CHOOSE to eat gluten free, it is NOT for people with celiac or those with some form of intolerance. It was not good to be sick all night!

  6. My local Applebees was a nightmare. I asked for a gf menu and they handed me pages of every item they serve with the allergens listed next to it. It took forever to go thru the pages to find what I could eat for a full meal. They should do what other restaurants do and that is to prepare a separate menu just with gf options. I won’t be eating there again unless they prepare a separate gf menu,.

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