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Gluten Free Soapbox: Recovering From Flu With No Groceries Blues

Don't let this happen to you this flu season!!

Last week, the flu stole my will to live. I spent the entire week in a fog and barely ate anything but gluten free crackers and orange juice.  Oh, how I look back now and long for that simplicity!  I didn’t know then how easy I had it, and I didn’t know until now the consequences of the fact that no grocery shopping has been done.

Yes, I am still out of the things I was out of when I took to my bed last week.  Now I’m out of gluten free crackers and orange juice too!  I am continually amazed that the gluten free grocery fairies have not graced me with their presence.

At some point, my body decided it would be funny to heal just enough to be starving, but not enough to have any drive to do anything about it. Now, because of the fact that gluten free dining doesn’t make room for Party Pizzas and fish sticks (the stand bys from the good old days) the cupboards are remarkably bare.

Delivery is out, since the only close options are pizza and Chinese.  I don’t live in the delivery area of any gluten free pizzerias.  So I move to Wendy’s, always a great option for the gluten free elite…but leaving the house?

Increasing my frustration is the fact that I know I have brought this on myself. My refusal to go to Nature’s Pantry and buy a back stock of gluten free convenience foods has risen up to bite me.  I had such noble ideas of eating healthy, made from scratch meals on this gluten free journey of mine.  Silly pickle!  What is a few extra dollars compared to not getting out in the cold?

Let this serve as a warning to you, my gluten free friends, go quickly to the nearest Hy-Vee, Nature’s Pantry or Whole Foods and buy a few gluten free TV dinners. Bring them home and store them in the dark regions of your freezer.  That way, should you be attacked by the flu and abandoned by the gluten free grocery fairies, as I was, you will still be well taken care of.  As for me?  I’m going to see what I can do with a bag of rice and a can of creamed corn…

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    I totally feel your pain. The EXACT thing just happened to me. Juice ran out. Nothing to eat. Don’t feel like driving anywhere – especially in 6 inches of snow. Learned my lesson! -John

  2. Aaagggghhhhh! Such good advice! I’m in this exact situation right now!! …and I’ve learned my lesson!

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